Keeping Your Car Pristine

Keeping Your Car Pristine

  • Why It's So Important For You To Keep Your Car Clean

    A freshly washed car is a thing of great beauty. It sparkles and gleams, drawing the admiring eye of those who see it as it speeds down the road. After viewing something so lovely, you might turn to look at your vehicle and notice that it isn't as gorgeous as it used to be. Maybe you're caught up in a vicious work cycle and just can't seem to find the time for car wash services.

  • What To Do When You Inherit A Family Member's Car

    If a family member has recently died and you inherited that person's car, there will be state-specific paperwork that you have to fill out, but that's not all you'll have to do. In addition to contacting the relative's insurance company (as well as your own) and completing the transfer of the vehicle registration, you'll have to take practical steps as well regarding the condition of the car. Even if you were in close contact with the relative for years before he or she died, you might not be aware of just how the car is doing.

  • Times To Visit A Car Wash

    It is important that you take care of your car inside and out. The more attention you give your car regarding maintenance, the longer your car is going to last. Most people are very good at getting the tires rotated and the oil changed. However, it is very common to see a car that has not been washed in a long time. The paint on your car is there to make it look good yes, but it is also there to protect the metal from rusting out.

  • From Drab To Fab: 7 Tips For Pressure Washing Your Siding

    If the siding on your home is looking dingy, it's time to clean it up and make your home look like new again. The easiest way to clean your siding is with a pressure washer. While using industrial pressure washers is fairly easy, there are some basic rules and safety tips that you should follow to get the job done safely and efficiently. Here are 7 tips for properly pressure washing your home.

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    Keeping Your Car Pristine

    About three months ago, my boss asked me if I would be willing to drive for a company luncheon. I didn't think much of it, so I pulled my car around and everyone loaded in. Unfortunately, after people started to file in, I realized that my car wasn't the immaculate rental car they were used to. The back was filled with wrappers and the front had more than one fast food beverage. After that experience, I decided to get my car detailed so that it would be clean and tidy for people down the road. It has changed my outlook on carpooling.